Rustic secluded ecological desert lodge, surrounded by a nature reserve. Lies 20 minutes south of Beer Sheba , and a two hour drive south of Tel Aviv. The lodge is built from natural materials: mud, rock and logs that were collected from the near- by area. The huts are dome shaped to blend with the dunes.

The huts are suitable for couples, families or individuals. Each hut contains a double bed, small kitchen, shower and toilet, rest area and private parking. The exterior is sheltered by a large shaded veranda that overlooks the nature reserve. In addition the premises house a camping site, a big tent that can sleep up to 50 people, showers, toilets  and a fully  equipped kitchen.

What experience do we offer?
-The lodge offers a close encounter with the desert, soft sandy dunes, a clear view beyond the horizon, while you dance in solitude with nature.
– Hiking in the   dune   reserve and   become the “Little prince”, sitting under umbrella of brilliantly shining stars at night.
– Time Out Experience: Taking part in meditation workshops with professional guidance. ( )

Where to eat?
Self – cooking in the hut or in the kitchen of the camping site.
On weekends you are welcome to the lodge restaurant.

Nearby attractions:
Area  of Craters, old Nabatian cities, Ben Gurion visitor's center, Local mineral water Spa.

During the week: between 200-400 Nis\night per hut.
Weekends: between 500-700 Nis\ night  per hut.
Camping site: between 40-70 Nis\ night per person

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Contact us:
mail: [email protected]
Mobile:  052 -2368175 (Rodney)


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